Friday, December 9, 2016


Oh you know, I just had to get the most girly and cutest things!

NYCC 2016 + Nintendo Flag Ship Store!

What a Blast! I had such an amazing time with these goons in NYC, but the best part was sharing the NYCC magic with them. It was their first time in New York and going to a big con, haha (except for Ed Boy). Second time attending even felt fun and new experience.
 Ginyu Force pose FTW!
Photo of the Squad taken infront of our AirBnB in Booklyn.

Friday, November 4, 2016



Well hello November! You sure creeped up on me.... Oh wait?!.... Hold on... That means this year is almost over! WTF 2016 UGHHH? What the hell happened?!?!?

So much has happened these past couple of months. Several changes, sad endings, new beginnings and my long awaited vacation. However with such new changes, it took a big toll on me and I haven't been taking care of myself too well. But I'm picking myself back up, so for the moment I'm doing Ok. I'm also trying to be happy.

     To begin, I no longer work at the Shop that sells Sanrio, San-x, and Sailor Moon goods anymore. I was dealing with some incredibly discomforting sexual harassment and the small business itself was run so terribly I had to leave. Instead I got hired at a shop called GameOver VideoGames. It's a place that buys, sells, and trades retro to next gen video games and consoles.. AND I'M SO HAPPY THERE! Plus all my co-works are such amazing fun people to be around. Its just such a great to feel at home with such an awesome team. I really got lucky.
    August was such a painful month. Breaking up with the person I once saw my future with and losing my apartment that felt like my sanctuary just killed me.  It felt like I lost my best friend, and the emotional pain was overwhelming. On top of that I had to move out of the place that to me was a placed I called a true home. All this madness took place in a matter of two weeks. I wont lie, after that booty of a situation I cried everyday for probably a month or more. 
   October was way more uplifting! I went to New York Comic Con with a dorky group of people  and had a blast!! I'll make a whole separate post about NYCC. A week after the con I celebrated my Birthday, and it was so simple but fun. The best part was I spent with my family and really good friends. As for Halloween I didnt do anything at all, however, I did get to at least dress up for the Halloween weekend at work!
  There is one more big change, however I'm not ready to share with anyone just yet. It's a positive a change for sure, and it's taking some time to adjust too but it sure has been making me smile.

That's about as much as I'll share for now. And again look out for the NYCC 2016 post, 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Deadpool Movie Review

Let me start out by telling you how incredibly DISAPPOINTED I WAS!

 I was so excited, I have been reading the comics, played the game, even read the script and I do feel like Hollywood tried. It didnt flow for me, like the tried to hard, i didnt laugh as much as I would have expected. The romance part was unnecessary and soo annoying. Like really?  Not everything has to have Romance.....Jesus. NO MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES?? When they did the first flash back, and they put a little comic bubble that said 2 Years Ago, I got excited thinking they were going to have stuff like that in the movie BUT IT WAS ONLY FOR THAT ONE SCENE.. WHYYYY? I was also hoping for more action. The bad guy was so mediocre as well. We even to go see a second time just to give the movie a second change and it just didnt spark any magic and the second time around it felt too long. ** le sigh** Well I hope the sequel will be better. 

I'm two months late but..

Happy 2016! I haven't been on social media much, these past couple of months. I was on a not good down ward spiral, my depression was incredibly high, and I became so self loathing to where even my boyfriend got very concerned. I think the negativity from the environment and people i was living and hanging around with got to me. I lost so much in 2015. The only good things that I gained from 2015 was finishing Aveda, Cosplaying Mad Max, and finally having experience working at Sephora (although it turned out disappointing).

Well I started out the new year moving into a new home! My boy and I got a wonderful place in a really nice location on the north side of the city. I am Happy to say that for the first time in my life I have a cute home that I can share with the most magical person ever and... We also have our very first FURBABY! she is a beautiful place fluffy Persian kitty names Fizzgig.

I'm doing plenty of self care to help me with anxiety and depression. Unfortunately i had to quit Sephora, the customers and the job it self started affecting me so negatively. The job gave me the highest anxiety, I would have panic attacks even if nothing was wrong. I also noticed my lack of motivation, I didnt even try when it came to my makeup. I lost my creativity. I realized that sure I love beauty but more like Ethreal beauty. I didnt fit in with the other girls, and i didnt even want to.

For now I'm back working a cute shop that sell Sanrio, San-x, and other Kawaii Goods. The best part is that I can be myself. For the moment I feel pretty content.